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MIZON ACENCE Derma Clearing Toner

I am not kidding when I said I LOVE Mizon products. I would spend hundreds on products that work, but unfortunately, the high prices that we pay for super brands really go into the marketing efforts. Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t mind paying extra many dollars if the products work; but it’s not always the case. (I swear by the MD forte rejuvenating cream though, will review it soon.)

Mizon works exceeding well with my Asian skin, and probably our climate.

I love their snail repair ampoule, and snail repair cream. They don’t have the snail toner, and I do have a more complicated skin situation – normal people call it combination skin. See, it’s complicated, my skin is definitely aging – losing suppleness and probably elasticity and all – so I do need good nourishing moisturizer, but I also get adult acne breakouts, worse on some days of the month when the hormones goes chaotically unpredictable.

I decide to try the Trouble Clinic series.


MIZON ACENCE Derma Clearing Toner

: Hyaluronic Acid, Trichloroic Acid, Salic Acid, Fruit Of Maximowiczia typical, Spine Bamboo, Raspberry, Lemon, West Ivy

Product Description
Removes dead skin cells and sebum to protect the skin from troubles
Cleanses dead skin cells and controls water and oil
No stickiness
Protects skin from external stimulus
Refreshing tea tree lemon’s fragrance

[The Missy’s Say]

Watery, like any other toner

It has a scent that smells like preserved plum, light, but quite pleasant. Maybe it’s from the tea tree, but I quite like it.

After touch:
It wipes out the last traces of makeup or dirt residue. It’s alcohol free, so it doesn’t dry out the skin.


I have been using the toner for weeks now, and I am very happy to report that it delivers what it claims. I still have occasional breakouts, but nothing major. It helps to keep the skin stays clear.

No doubt about it! Already in the shopping cart for the next checkout!
Buy it here:

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