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Cosmetic Pouch

I like pouches, I refrain from using ‘love’ since I know serious people who seriously LOVE pouches! I pale in comparison.

That said, it is undoubtably that I have a compulsive disorder in keeping things organized and in orderly manner. I love huge bags, because I have so (too) many things to carry. Pouches come in handy in organizing the stuffs in the bag.

I am back in the game – dating (friends and friends of friends are collecting profiles of ‘dateable’ prospects for me!!!), socializing  (maybe), out and about (errands, classes) , so I am buying more makeup – by ‘more’, I mean I need a separate makeup box to separate my makeup from the skin care. They used to bunk in the same drawer of a cabinet.

This cosmetic pouch is super useful. It’s compact; one zipper opens fully to hold brushes, mascara, heated curler, eyeliner and whatnot; the other zipper opens partially to store your eye shadows, blusher, compact etc.

I love that it’s in a somewhat sturdy shape. Inexpensive and super useful!

The seller has many different types and design, choose one that fits your needs.


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