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ELF Makeup Brushes

I adore the idea of using proper brushes for makeup, it feels so ‘professional’. The truth is, unless I am attending a formal event (which hasn’t happen for…ever), it can sometimes be too ‘heavy’ and ‘precise’ to use brushes for eye-shadows and lip color.

I work very well with using finger to apply colors on eye lids; but I still use a blending brush to blend out some accidental over-dipped color. It happens.

I love Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura brushes (both are my favorite brands for eye shadows, tools and accessories), but let’s say, I want to watch my spending since I am a part-time student now (education is always expensive, some disciplines are more expensive than others, I am doing the more expensive one), and although I am going out more, but not enough to buy things easily; I still rely heavily on online shopping.

I ordered 2 brushes – ELF. I had not heard of the brand, but the reviews were good, so I ordered.

[The Missy’s Say]


Definitely wash the brushes before use. I tapped on the brush hairs and I could see white powdered substances coming off it. I am horrified (I do have a slight germaphobia condition)


One or two strands of hair falls out almost every time I use them. Not sure if that should happen, but I don’t remember having this problem with Bobbi Brown’s brushes.

It’s not very bad, so it doesn’t bother me much.


The brushes are very soft, and serve the function reasonably well.


I would still splurge on Bobbi Brown or MAC (have not tried MAC, but I could explore) for good brushes; but ELF is good enough for now, especially for the unbeatable low prices.

For brow brush, Shu Uemura is my favorite. Their lash curler is still the most popular in the industry. I will be reviewing on the heat lash curler (Blinc), but if you have stick-straight lash like mine, you will still need the regular curler to help set the direction before using the heat curler.

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