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Peripera Peris Jelly

From skin care products, I am shifting the gravity of obsession interest to cosmetic. It’s understandable. I love makeup, I always have. ‘Painting’ in precision has always been something that I enjoy immensely; anything that requires complete focus is something I like doing.

Being single has its advantages. I have more time now (not exactly true to bits, since I am back to school), and I don’t have to feel that I would be judged for taking more time dolling up myself. It’s a pure luxury to take unhurried time to make yourself look good. It’s never about who am I trying to impress, it’s about feeling great about putting enough time and effort in yourself – self-confidence nurturing self-worth appreciating.

So, I am exploring makeup all over again, and it’s been fun!

I am very fair – more convinced than ever, because I have been told (too many times) that I am ‘white’ and ‘very fair’, and I look like Japanese/Korean mix – while ‘fair’ seems to be a convenient ‘canvas’ to paint on, it needs more colors to present dimension. I can look flat and pale without colors. So, the least I could do is to give the lips some colors.

I love the Tony Moly lip tint, but I am willing to explore into other options. After reading rave reviews on Peripera Peris lip tint, I ordered one.



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Perfumed (overwhelming for me, I hate dislike lip products with fragrances – but the Palmer’s lip butter in chocolate and cherry is fine); the ‘taste’ is overpowering for me.

I never wore it more than 2 minutes. I gave it to my sister.

#Once, I was obsessed with lipsticks, I bought lipsticks from almost all the brands over the counter, and I hated Chanel and YSL, they were perfumed.


Glides on quite smoothly, like lip balm


I bought Cherry, but the color is very faint. Again, I didn’t wear it long enough to see if the color may change.

Staying Power:

Unfortunately, it fails in the first round of scent, I was repulsed by the taste, so I wiped it off within a minute. I can’t comment if the color stays like it claims.


Cute packaging, but if you are like me, who has almost no tolerance towards perfumed lip products, this is not for you.

Not much pain on the waste of money though, it’s really very affordable, and I have 4 nieces who are young adults, I am sure (hope) that one of them is tolerant to perfumed lip tint. 😛


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