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Reusable Bags – Care for Earth

I don’t think I qualify as hardcore Eco-Friendly Ambassador, but I try to do my part to care for the Earth.

I make and use brown paper envelopes in place of plastic sleeves (but I still need to use plastic sleeves for some of the products) for my products. I love reusable bags too!

Now that I am doing the mail-runs, and since I don’t drive (I can’t really drive, even though that piece of card that reads ‘Driving Licence’ with my photo and name begs to differ) I need foldable, lightweight yet sturdy bags.

It is also important (in my context) that the bags are not only useful and durable, but also adorable!

[The Missy’s Say]

1. The birdie bag – sturdy and durable, thicker material; able to withstand heavy weight.

2. Devil boy and meow – lightweight, not for super heavy stuffs as compared to the Birdie bag, but good enough for general groceries.

On most days, I carry just the Devil boy and meow in the bag (it comes with a small bag, so it’s very convenient to carry the compact size bag in my shoulder bag), and use it for grocery or impromptu shopping.

The birdie bag is impressively sturdy, and slightly more roomy than the Devil Boy and meow bag. I use that mostly for big packages for mailing, and tuck it in the bag that it comes with. Perfect when buying canned foods and beverages!

Always carry at least one or two, and remember to give them to the cashier when checking out. Less plastic bags, and adorable reusable bag are definitely better looking!

I ordered mine here:


Get a few of them, for your family and yourself. We can all do a small part to care for the Only Earth we have.


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