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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Sheaffer Ferrari Fountain Pen

My latest obsession is Pen. I have always loved pens. I was researching on dip pen, I know, it’s not practical, but there is something about dip pen that charms me like first love.

Sometimes, we don’t have to look further, as the perfect gift is just before us. Ask, and you shall be given, so people say. I don’t disagree with that, many times, you throw a wish to the universe with an unselfish agenda, it bounces back to you, in multifold, more than you asked for. Then, we only need to be truly thankful.

The Sheaffer Ferrari Fountain Pen

Ferrari Red – I love red, but not all reds, I love deeper red, such as wine red, or blood red. I don’t like bright chili red or orange red. I love the deeper tones, that shout class and mystery. I am taking bold steps forward, so the ferrari red suits me perfectly.

Fountain pen nib – There is something about pen nib that seduces me into the mythically older civilization. The curve and shape of the nib exudes assertiveness with resemblance to that of arrow-head; yet displaying the graceful elegance with a style.

Flow – A good fountain pen should at least be capable of giving a nice flow of ink. Even with a well-made fountain pen, the thing about the words written with fountain pen is that, even with black, it reveals layers of tones, giving words depth. (Of course, it’s possible that I have a highly imaginative mind, hey, I am in the creative business!)

The Writing – the action of writing, is imagined as a professional world-class ballroom dancer gracing on the dance floor with complete confidence and graciousness.

This pen is a pen that will pen down statements, not just words.

So, this is how I see fountain pen, embracing a piece of art in our daily routine and let the imagination gets out of the box for a little while – A Perfect Gift.

This is unlikely to be my only and last fountain pen. The next time that I travel, I know what to look out for, I would love more pretty and interesting fountain pens. For now, the adventure of hunting down the quality ink (in bottles of delicious colors!!!) and soak myself in the joy of present.



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