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The Face Shop Phyto Powder Green Tea Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

I have a phobia towards smudges of eye liner and mascara. I hate mess. I go for waterproof products as much as I could help it.

My sister recommended a waterproof eye liner (Korean brand). It’s not just waterproof, it’s super hard to remove! I used the Boots Botanics eye makeup remover and it won’t come off!

I had used many other brands, but I dislike the oiliness after use.



[The Missy’s Say]


Moisturizing liquid, a little oil.


No kidding, it is super effective! It is what it claims – mild but removes super-strong waterproof makeup.


For such powerful makeup remover, it is surprisingly gentle on sensitive skin, even for my hyper sensitive skin.

After use

There is a light oil residue right after cleaning off the eye makeup, but easily rinsed off. Leaving the cleansed areas soft to touch.

The Face Shop Green Tea Phyto Powder Lip and Eye Makeup Remover is definitely my new favorite eye makeup remover.


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