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Heated Lash Curler – New EyeCurl II

This is the first heated lash curler that I bought; that was nearly a year ago. If you have stumbled upon this blog now, you’d probably not know that I was the modern cavewoman. I went out once in every 3-4 months, and that once sometimes included overseas traveling. I was hardly out of the apartment (yes, you wouldn’t see me at the common corridor), so I didn’t try this curler effectively.

Now, I swing from one side of the polar to another. I am out and about too much! With more social activities, I packed my makeup tiered-box with mascara, shadows, blushers, makeup knick and knacks.

Heated curler (or any kind of curler, really) is more effective when used on lashed applied with mascara as compared to naked lashes. It sort of ‘solidify’ the curled shape, hence the holding power.

I reviewed on Blinc Heated Lash Curler, which I bought after this curler.

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The curler:

New EyeCurl II has single heating coil.

The heat:

Although it’s hot enough to curl the lashes, it is gentle on the skin. Unlike the Blinc curler, this doesn’t scalds the skin on the lids even when you place the curler on the skin.

The effect:

(Same advice for Blinc – What’s written for Blinc’s review – applies to this too) First, if you have stick-straight lash, you will want to use a traditional squeeze curler first, but just be gentler than usual, don’t squeeze too hard. Then, apply mascara, wait for it to dry. Finally, use the heated curler. The curled lashes don’t last without mascara.

Very importantly, know that just combing your lashes up will not give you the kind of curve you want. The trick is to sweep up from the roots, and then stop in the middle of the lash, let it stay for 3-5 seconds, then place the curler on the ends of the lash, and ‘press’ them down, that way, you create a curl.

The instruction below is from Panasonic curler (I have that too, and will review soon, been super busy with school assignments and other stuffs), and it’s probably the best illustrated instruction.

See step 5, this where you press the tip down to create the curl.


Lasting power:

Similar to Blinc, but this actually has better staying power, at least for me.

(What’s written for Blinc’s review – applies to this too) There is no perfect solution for straight lashes, especially if you live in South East Asia, where humidity is throughout the year. That said, the curls created from the heated curler are more natural and it has better lasting power as compared to the conventional curler.

Aside, the conventional curler tends to pull out some lashes in the midst of pressing, the heated curler doesn’t.


I bought this on Qoo10, but the local retailer is not selling this anymore, I don’t know where else you could buy this, but if you plan to invest into heated curler, hold your breath for my review on the Panasonic curler. You want to put your money in that tool, it’s wickedly effective!


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