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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Multi-functional Pockets Ultimate Door Organizer

I am convinced that I have a managed compulsive need to be organized. ‘Managed’ because I used to lose sleep over a mess somewhere in the house that I spotted before sleep and chose to ignore. Apparently, the only best way to get around it is either to stop looking around so that I would not spot a mess; or to just clean up the mess.

Our storeroom is a mess! I gave up a long time ago to tidy up the storeroom. My mother is highly ‘artistic’ and ‘creative’ in decorating the newly tidied and organized storeroom. She has learned not to mess with my stuffs though.

Still, there are just so many things in there. I bought the Multi-functional Pockets Ultimate Door Organizer because of the many pockets; and it is really quite convenient since it’s hung behind the door. It’s easier to reach for smaller items in the organizer than to dig through piles of stuffs.

Quite useful I say.

I don’t find the broom holder that convenient, but it is quite useful for long handle duster.


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