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The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

With aging skin, comes earnest search for non-drying cleansing products.

I was using Laneige multi-cleanser, it’s wonderful for quick cleanse and leaves your skin squeaky clean. The downside is that, it may be a tad too harsh in stripping the natural oils in our skin. It’s probably great for youthful skin that is leaning to the oily skin type. It’s not such great news for maturing skin, especially used in regular basis.

So, I searched for cleansing milk. Cleansing milk is gentle and suits even the sensitive skin (like mine!). I found The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk, ‘Rice’ sounds very natural and it’s an aged recipe used from too long ago in cleansing and maintaining good skin.

[The Missy’s Say]

Texture: Creamier than some cleansing milk in the market

Scent: Mild, unnoticeable

Cleansing power: It’s surprisingly effective! I mean, I used cleansing milk (from major brands), and I didn’t always find them very effective.

What I do: 2 full pumps into palm. Spread over face, and massage for about a minute. I wipe it off with tissue (some people recommend wet tissue as it’s gentler on skin) – you may also rinse off, but I like to wipe off because I need to see the product on the tissue.

Eyes/lips: I have a separate eye and lip makeup remover – The Face Shop Phyto Powder Green Tea Lip and Eye Makeup Remover (I am super particular with separate eye/lip products because the skin around these areas are super mega delicate and harsh products used = beyond salvageable wrinkled skin!).

After feel: You won’t get the squeaky clean feel, but a soft and moisturized skin. I always use a toner (Mizon toner) after cleansing. It removes the last traces of residual makeup and prep the skin for the skin care products that follow.

Repurchase: Definitely, in fact, the new order is on the way to me! I ordered not just the cleansing milk (replenish), but also the cleansing cream. The cleansing cream is for heavier makeup, that’s what the seller said.

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