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Ben & Sophie – Short story inspired by true event


Love Story by Lis Sun

“Ben & Sophie, Hide & Seek” is a short story inspired by true love story between two people on the Autism Spectrum – Asperger’s Syndrome.

One of the biggest challenges faced by people on the spectrum is the inability to maintain and keep friendships and any kind of relationships, primarily due to the lack of communication and social skills.

Falling in love is an intense process for anyone, more so for people on the spectrum. Aside from not being able to pick up the subtle social cues, people on the spectrum are poorly skilled, if any at all, to express themselves accurately.

Aside, emotional/input/sensory overload is commonly observed too; therefore, handling such delicate matters of heart becomes highly stressful and emotional at times.

I am diagnosed with Asperger’s. Although I have been labeled the ‘Ice Queen’ or equivalent due to my cold outlook and ’emotionless’ facial expression, I can only attempt to convince you that I feel everything, if not more than the normal people. Being inadequate in expressing myself accurately lands me in a more vulnerable state whereby my feelings are grossly neglected.

We, like anyone else, desire to love and to be loved.

This book is written in various series and chapters. This chapter ‘Hide & Seek‘ is not an official introduction, it’s a short story that leaves you to creatively fill in the details.

Although a brief introduction, I attempt to illustrate the wide spectrum of emotions such as uncertainties, affections, fears, love, sorrow, helplessness, support, courage etc.

** It’s my virgin authoring experience. I’ve used professional proofreader to proofread, but if there are still errors, please kindly inform me and be lenient. **



The book is offered for free on iBooks; available in 51 stores. (Singapore is not listed, but you are still able to download the 8-pages book by selecting ‘get sample’ button.)



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