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Lotions for Eczema and Sensitive Skin


The Constant Condition 

One thing that is nearly constant in my life is my chronic skin sensitivities and allergies. I have eczema since I was a small child, and it reached one of its worst when I was in Primary and Secondary school because of the physical activities. Sweat and heat almost always aggravate the irritation.

Safety Zone

Then, things started to improve, because the ONE rule that will most definitely promise dormant status is to avoid the allergens at all costs. (No-brainer really!) When I started to work, I worked in air-conditioned venues and I hardly went under the sun.

The Last Straw (at least I hope!)

Then, my skin condition exploded in full-blown chronic status when I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, a few years ago. I do adore refurbished old houses, that’s why I have always struggled between luxurious hotels and quaint unique themed boutique hotels. We decided on the latter, and there must be something in the refurbished traditional wood Thai house that triggered my dermatitis cells to overreact. In my visualisation (haven’t you heard? I am super imaginative!), they are like tiny army troops clad with armours and all, and broke through the last layer of defence and came through. By the way, it’s almost what it is, the rash is really the cells’ overreaction and bloated up.

Slave to Conditions

Now, I am just a slave to my skin conditions – eczema, photosensitivity, urticaria, contact dermatitis!

It was bad when I was in Singapore, because I am allergic to dust, humidity and heat, guess what, it’s a permanent combo in Singapore! Now that I have moved to Perth, there is a new problem – sun! I have always been sensitive to sun exposure, but when paired with dryer climate, all hell break loose! Unlike Singapore, the transport infrastructure in Perth shies, especially in the aspect of sheltered walkways, that means lots of walking and sun exposure!

The Allergies

I am also allergic to some active ingredients in sunscreen, that I’ve never found out the specific. I had patch test, but patch test only tested the common allergies (from country to country really, depending on the commonalities in that area), and the only 2 allergens that turned up vicious (yes, that’s the word!) on my skin are colophony (the sticky stuffs like plaster, sticky tapes included glue etc) and nickel. Even surgical tape for sensitive skin is too harsh for my (permanently angry) army troops under the skin. It really got under my skin (pun intended, definitely, but funny expression in this context. hah!).


The Offending Rash

So, I sustained sun rash – red, swollen, and blistering types of rash – 2 days after I arrived in Perth. I am beginning to believe that I may really be a vampire (Oh, Jake, are you here waiting? I don’t know, I’ve always liked Jake better!)! Shine me in the light and I may evaporate (right, that’s not what happened to Twilight vampires, well, I am Asian, different breed!).

Then, I bought a huge tube of Banana Boat sunscreen SPF 50! I remembered I didn’t react so well to common sunscreen brand, but hey, it’s been years since my skin got crazy with sunscreen, so maybe it’s adjusted? NOPE! My skin flared soon after application!

I believe I am allergic to oxybenzone (a common allergen that people with sensitive skin are allergic to). I have always been using zinc broad spectrum sunscreen, but they are really expensive, and not easily available.

Then, the miracle lotion! (ok, a little exaggeration there!)


What it says on the label – African Black Soap Body Lotion

A therapeutic body moisturizer that helps combat breakouts and improve the appearance of superficial skin imperfections with African Black Soap Extracts, Jojoba Oil, Oatmeal Extract and Vitamin E smoothes and soothes minor skin irritation. Nubian Heritage’s own Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butter blend maximizes moisture retention.  Leaves skin feeling comfortable.

My Experiences 

I have been using the black soap (as in the real bar of soap!) because of the raved reviews on this soap for eczema. My mother’s clan (really, at one point, I helped to order more than a hundred bars) is using it, and recommending to extended family members!

I didn’t lug lotion to Perth because my luggage was full. I ordered online and thought of ordering the black soap body lotion – didn’t try that before because Singapore is humid, rich lotion leaves waxy and greasy layer – to see if it helps relieve skin irritation like it claimed.

True to its claims, it not only relieves skin irritation, my skin that was reacting to the sunscreen was swelling rapidly by the minute. I applied the lotion and went to bed. I woke with normal looking hands!!!! Hence this blog – I had other plans for today, but I feel that this is SO IMPORTANT to share!



This lotion leaves your skin very soft, it is especially noticeable on the rough patches like elbows and knees. It does leave a thin film of waxy touch, but hey, if it treats my (crazy!) skin, I can live with that!


Not my favourite kind of scent, but it’s alright. It’s has a strong oat scent (since one of the key ingredients is oats!) and even hint of almond.


Another highly recommended lotion for dry skin is Alba Botanical Very Emollient Body Lotion. It’s very moisturising and relieves dry skin instantly. It’s dryer in Perth, so the lotion doesn’t leave oily residue, I’d imagine that it may be a little rich for humid countries though.

Now, I am going to check on my chicken wings that I am thawing to marinate – honey baked chicken wings! Then, I have some work to do.

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