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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

A Brief but Impactful Encounter


Hello Stranger!

I met someone recently. He is kind, romantic, gentle, sensitive, caring and probably loving. We are quite the same sort of people; we see life through the eyes of a poet; we feel words like piercing emotions under our skin. I was not looking to love again. I didn’t think I was still capable of love. He was patient and didn’t rush me. We were growing close despite the resistance.


We could be a compatible match, but we are not. The “specifications” of the “hardware” are perfectly compatible, even better, we use the same “operating system.” However, like the computers that may be corrupted by the “software,” we have something known as “emotional baggage from past experiences.”

Importance of “Clean Uninstallation”

The numerous times of “installations” and “uninstallations” may sometimes compromise the “system” by leaving a digital trail of “orphan components.” They are there because perhaps some poorly designed “programs” penetrate deep into the “root directory” and a “clean uninstallation” is unavailable. Correspondingly, we have past encounters with people who broke us in too many pieces and in too many places. Some broken parts are unrepairable and become permanently defective. We don’t always have proper closure from every romantic experience.

His Gift For Me

I came to Denmark to find a way to repair my fragile heart only to have it beyond shattered once again. Then he showed me that what has been broken is the gate to my heart, like a “power button” on the computer. He handed me a jar of magic glue and whispered gently into my ears that I ought to take my time in piecing the broken parts together. He has fixed the gate and installed a new “security system” to screen to perpetrators. The gate will only open again to the person who can handle the fragile but precious heart with care.

My Gift For Him

In return, I gave him a beautifully handcrafted magic mirror. He has been careless with his wounds because he had been broken in so many areas, he didn’t know where hurts anymore. The mirror illuminates the wounds that need tender loving care. The mirror also shows the prospective partner who knows exactly what to do with him in the most caring and loving way.

Paths Crossed For Different Reason

We may seem compatible, but the remnants of our past reject our “systems” to connect and perform at an optimal level. If we had forced things, we may eventually “short circuit” both the machines causing unimaginable damages. We cross each other’s path not to fall in love with each other, but to give each other the most essential and helpful tools to repair ourselves. This is perhaps another kind of love.


With a lingering poignance, we bade each other farewell.


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