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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Reality of Time

I have spent 3 years mostly waiting. What motivated me, they asked.

“What is 1 year as compared to a lifetime?”, then another year passed, and another came.

“What is 3 years as compared to a lifetime?”.

How do you measure a lifetime?

Inner Fears

People are fearful in investing their emotions with full knowledge of the possibility of the risk of no equal returns, or at all.

What If…

What if our “lifetime” expires tomorrow or next year? Is that not a lifetime? Would we regret reserving the “emotional currency” only to have no chance and time to spend it?

The First Rule…

The first rule of love and life is that there is no warranty. Love especially is not a calculated business. The reward comes from the ability to spend all the emotional currency for the day all at once every day on the same person. If we get to live another day, the emotional bank will be refreshed with new credits, and we get to spend it all again on the love of our life.


Pragmatism is a good thing, it keeps us on the ground instead of floating around in the love bubble. Is pragmatism for everyone? I’m afraid not. Pragmatist uses reality as a tool to measure, and balance love and a life charted across the whole lifespan. I am curious as for how do we do that? How do we measure love? How do we know how long our lifetime is?

Existential Anxiety

That being said, the existential crisis is very real. What is the real meaning of life? That will determine if we choose pragmatism or romanticism to navigate through life. The answer is what energizes us and fills us with a full heart? Standard reality measured by materials or deviated reality filled with affectionate substances? One is tangible, while the other is intangible.


I am very rational, yet, I embrace the full spectrum of romanticism. Is there a conflict? I don’t think so. Pragmatism and Romanticism conflict each other; rationality helps to make sense of the neglect romanticism in today’s world.

There Is No Promised Future

I am a young person with an old and wise soul; I am an old person with a young and tender heart. I stop deluding a promised future because there is no such thing. We either decide to hold our hearts in our hands and expose our vulnerability to the love of our lives and be unafraid of being hurt, or we keep the heart in our pocket and maintain the love from a mile away.

We either love or we don’t. Going half way is like saying “I love…” and not knowing what we actually love. So, either we love and live authentically, or we don’t at all. Love is as much a fantasy as it is a reality.

I Will Remember

I choose to love passionately because I don’t know when do I draw my last breath. When I do, I remember the taste of the sweetest fruit, the scent of an intoxicating fragrance, the touch of a tender heart, and most importantly, the sensation of an ardent love.
I am a romantic, a hopeless one, and I am not ashamed of it.This journey has changed me to be more courageous, and relentless. I am still scared sometimes, but I take more chances and allow people to impress me.


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