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The 10 days program pushes limits!

Recipe for Post-Master Cleanse Vegetable Soup

I have crossed the finishing of the 10-day Master Cleanse lemonade program – see the step-by-step guide to prepare the lemonade too! It almost felt liberating, as though I tore that banner at the finishing line with roaring audiences cheering on for my ‘victory’! Ah well, you know, that all happened in the head, I don’t exactly enjoy running, just…

My Step-by-Step Guide on Master Cleanse – Lemonade Diet

My routine in the 10-Days Master Cleanse Program Ingredients: 1. Lemons x 4 (organic preferred; produces approximately 16-19 tablespoons of lemon juice) 2. Organic Cayenne Pepper x 1 pack (you won’t need that much for 10-Day cleanse) 3. Organic Grade B Maple Syrup 4. Organic Smooth Move – Senna, Stimulant Laxative Tea 5. Pure Water – I use filtered water…

The Lemonade Diet – Master Cleanse

I have been having strange regular outbursts of skin disorder – which I believe is Eczema – since I returned from Chiang Mai vacation. The first occurrence was in Chiang Mai. My sister emailed a bunch of information regarding ‘Master Cleanse’. I have been swamped with work, so I wasn’t interested in reading up the many pages of info-sheet. The…