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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

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I Celebrate My Freedom – I Am No Longer Afraid to Be Different!

This is almost reason to celebrate, but not quite yet! I have finished the last school term’s assignment, and now, it’s just one more final lecture and then examination! I have never been so excited about examination! 2 days after the last paper, I will be getting my due sleep on a long flight (very long flight!)! I imagine it…

Memories are not always emotively entailed

Although everything bizarre in my life has just recently happened on that fateful vacation in February, but the desire to live a fuller life takes precedence over wallowing in cheap misery. I had a lecture to attend yesterday – and I do hate classes on weekend. After class, I went to a shopping mall to buy a few more tops;…

A Different Life – Till Death Do Us Part

If you are in a jolly Valentine’s lovey dovey mood, this is not a post you want to dampen your mood with. Considered yourself warned. For some reasons, I decided that it’s a great idea to stay alone in a massive villa in a foreign land, and move to another city in a few days. Let’s say, this is the…

One Life. Live Passionately!

Love is when the special someone told you that he loved your voice and felt happy just to listen to you. For some of you, you are married to this person who said those words to you, and years gone by, he/she still loves to hear you talk. When all the busy phases in life die down, there is just you and that someone, having all the time in the world to still continue a never-ending conversation.

Lesson of Anticipation and Procrastination

One of the ‘highlights’ of living in the shrinking HDB flats/apartments in the forever warm Singapore is that if your neighbor – who is not even your immediate neighbor – yells, you are most likely be able to hear whatever the neighbor has to say. We don’t keep the main door closed when we are home and not sleeping, because…