Perfectly Imperfect

The goal is not to be perfect; the goal is to be accepted for the imperfections.

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What I eat, cook (and not kill anyone with it), and crave for.

Olive Oil is Healthier, Not Healthy

What did you have for lunch today? I normally have wholemeal biscuits with black tea. Today, my mother decided to cook for lunch. We had fried vegetarian bee hoon. See, I don’t always like Asian fried food, they tend to be too oily, and my gastric doesn’t do great with excessive oil. The lunch was tasty with home-cooked chili and…

Moon Cake | Fullerton Hotel

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival aka Lantern Festival aka Moon Cake Festival. It is also the 15th day of Lunar calendar. We remember the name of the festival differently. As children, we remember it as the lantern festival because that was the only official ‘legal’ month to play with fire – I mean, lantern! Back then, we lit candles…

Herbalife Products

So, mum was persuaded to pay for a membership fee in order to buy Herbalife products at member’s price. This was many months ago. As usual, I have been busy, and I really didn’t want to get involved in this sort of distributorship business and shopping – bad experience of being harassed by distributors. Anyway, I didn’t try the product(s) until slightly…