Perfectly Imperfect

The goal is not to be perfect; the goal is to be accepted for the imperfections.

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Things beyond my knowledge, but I attempt anyway

Crippled by a Broken Machine | Tech Stuffs

I blogged about the Vertical Lines of Death a while ago. These are the photos of what crippled the today’s high-tech people, at least to people like myself who practically lead a virtual life. I know I know, go out more often, meet the real people. See, internet is what I am eternally grateful for. For an Aspie, life in…

Vertical Lines of Death – A Deadly Message

The universe speaks to us, believe. I might be getting a tad too complacent about my work schedule. Perhaps, I needed a nudge so that I get to deliver my commitment to my customer in a timely fashion. See, my 2012 order schedule is filled and I have stopped collecting new orders. I always schedule each order with ample time,…

Nerd is the New Sexy

[BIGGEST EVER $20 COUPON*!] SG 1 ROYAL JELLY♥ BOOST 3X RESULTS!♥ 35-DAYS UPSIZE♥ Made In AustraliaLIST.QOO10.SG This was what I had been doing over the weekend. I must have tried more than 15 times to run this task on my Mac Lion (10.7.4), gave up, and then convinced to try again, gave and finally figured it out. So I thought…