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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Category: Website Tampering

When I lose chunks of hair trying to tamper with website coding stuffs.

Leaders Clinic Clinie Mask

I have a master plan, alright, a little exaggeration can’t kill, can it? I am taking a 15 days vacation in February, and I want to compensate for the lack of time throughout the year, and the attentive care to my skin. My favorite masks are Leaders Clinic Clinie Mask (aka Leaders InSolution) and Mediheal (similar properties). Mela Tox and AC…

Website Optimization – Siteground SuperCacher!

I am constantly working on website optimization. I hope by now you have noted the gist of ‘what’ I really am. A good friend very accurately called me ‘anal little piece of sh*t’, and I am quite proud of it – she meant it as a compliment too, in case you wonder! With everything moving so rapidly, we must never stop…

Our Preferred Web Host | Siteground

I contemplated in posting this on my business craftblog or here, and decide to post it here. See, I don’t consider myself ‘successful’, perhaps the definition variesfrom person to person. I think I am leading quite an enjoyable and happy lifestyle. The key contributing factor is nonetheless, being able to work a perfect job that is best suited for me.…