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Power Bank Portable Battery Charger 20000mAh

I didn’t need portable battery charger before, since I was a recluse, in my imaginary cave. I am everywhere (well, not everywhere, I have not set foot on Marina Bay Sands yet, and I remain uninterested!) more often now, I do need to make sure that my cell (not for calling, but you know, whatsapp, imessage, facebook, instagram, emails etc)…

iPhone 5 Cover – Faithful and Loyal Tin Man

This design stands out when I was browsing through the product page, it illustrates a new generation Tin Man carrying the girl on his shoulder by one arm, and the other holding a bouquet of flowers. The girl takes her time in appreciating the small things in life. She feels safe in the Tin Man’s arm. Although hard as steel, the Tin Man has a gentle and romantic side. He will remain loyal and faithful to the girl, while protecting her from any harm.

I believe there is a Tin Man for me, wherever he may be now. One who will never fail me nor let me fall. The hard steel guards his integrity, faith and honor, while he reveals the romantic gentle side through small gestures. We will always find time to enjoy the small things in life, with no haste.