Perfectly Imperfect

The goal is not to be perfect; the goal is to be accepted for the imperfections.

Category: Household Items

Windax Vegetables Washer/Drainer/Spinner | Product Reviews

As you may already know, I am trying to get healthier, and possibly lighter, so I am making some diet shifts. I have always loved salad, for weight management purpose or not. Now that I am getting heavier and with lowered metabolism (right, that sort of comes with age, drat it!), it’s way overdue to start looking at what I…

Knife Sharpener | Product Review

[BIGGEST EVER $20 COUPON*!] SG 1 ROYAL JELLY♥ BOOST 3X RESULTS!♥ 35-DAYS UPSIZE♥ Made In AustraliaLIST.QOO10.SG I love knifes and scissors. It is said that one of the AS (Asperger’s Syndrome) traits is obsession. I have episodes of different obsessions at different stages in life. Once I bought lip sticks from almost all the popular brands, because I wanted to…

Space Saving Storage Bag

If you don’t already know, the living spaces in Singapore are shrinking from the already shrunk size. We are constantly looking for space-saving products to help maximize the living space. Irony? Previously, I ordered online from Mummy Cents, one storage bag (60x50cm) at S$4.90 and bought the manual pump at S$5.00; shipping not included. I didn’t have time to try…