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Windax Vegetables Washer/Drainer/Spinner | Product Reviews

As you may already know, I am trying to get healthier, and possibly lighter, so I am making some diet shifts. I have always loved salad, for weight management purpose or not. Now that I am getting heavier and with lowered metabolism (right, that sort of comes with age, drat it!), it’s way overdue to start looking at what I…

Knife Sharpener | Product Review

I love knifes and scissors. It is said that one of the AS (Asperger’s Syndrome) traits is obsession. I have episodes of different obsessions at different stages in life. Once I bought lip sticks from almost all the popular brands, because I wanted to find my perfect lip stick. YSL, Lancome, and Estee Lauder were in the ‘Disqualified’ list because…

Space Saving Storage Bag

If you don’t already know, the living spaces in Singapore are shrinking from the already shrunk size. We are constantly looking for space-saving products to help maximize the living space. Irony? Previously, I ordered online from Mummy Cents, one storage bag (60x50cm) at S$4.90 and bought the manual pump at S$5.00; shipping not included. I didn’t have time to try…