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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

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The Ugly World

Tony Attwood, best known for his knowledge and expertise in Asperger’s Syndrome, quoted, “You don’t suffer from Asperger’s, you suffer from other people.”. He is right, I don’t suffer from Asperger’s, I suffer from people, and by people, I mean ALL people, on or not on the autism spectrum.

Finding the silver lining and a positive perspective is not to say that I am not hurt or disappointed; it only means that life is tough, I didn’t choose it, but here I am, so I am just trying to make the best out of it. We all should.

Asperger’s Diary – Train Myself to Train Other NTs

The Keen Passion I have always wanted to study psychology. It’s no surprise. Long before I was formally diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder, I have always knew I am painfully different (I am trying to make a distinction here to dismiss the trendy ‘different’ used by people who desperately want to be unique). Being different has been painful, because the majority…

Ben & Sophie – Short story inspired by true event

“Ben & Sophie, Hide & Seek” is a short story inspired by true love story between two people on the Autism Spectrum – Asperger’s Syndrome.

Falling in love is an intense process for anyone, more so for people on the spectrum. Aside from not being able to pick up the subtle social cues, people on the spectrum are poorly skilled, if any at all, to express themselves accurately.

Although a brief introduction, I attempt to illustrate the wide spectrum of emotions such as uncertainties, affections, fears, love, sorrow, helplessness, support, courage etc.

Asperger’s Diary – Asperger Movies

I am a tv series junkie, and my (legit and valid) justification for watching too much telly is to survive this world, this society, that rate a person primarily based on social performance and adequacy. Citing Bandura’s Social Learning Theory (observational learning), we learn through environment through the process of observation. For most of the people (at least true for…

Asperger’s Diary – Take Ownership of Fear

I made an entry to the blog yesterday about self-discovery and recognising the puppeteering culprit that strung my hands to self-sabotage.

I ended the post with a note of uncertainties.

What I am going to share with you now is the flip side of fear. For the first time in the longest time, I start to feel unafraid again. I found myself smiling into sleep and woke with an awkward smile. It was not about the dream; but a full sweep of affectionate love.

See, by identifying and acknowledging the crippling fear that was haunting me, was like having finally found the hidden panic bomb and disarming it.

The moment I fully recognise what was paralysing me, it no longer has control over me. It’s not a miracle that I am talking about. It’s psychologically possible to turn that switch off, with the prerequisite of locating the panic button first.

Finding that button, is the first step into taking ownership of the emotion and fixing it.

Asperger’s Diary – World Circumnavigating and Self-Discovery

The year flew by quickly. Although I am proud of myself for picking up the pieces promptly and embarked on a journey to pursue higher education, there are uncertainties. “We don’t know how broken are we until we leave the origin of hurt”. I planned a world circumnavigation. From Singapore to Bend, Oregon, to Svendborg, Denmark, and back to Singapore.…