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iPhone 5 Cases – Guardian Angel

[BIGGEST EVER $20 COUPON*!] SG 1 ROYAL JELLY♥ BOOST 3X RESULTS!♥ 35-DAYS UPSIZE♥ Made In AustraliaLIST.QOO10.SG iPhone 5 is my first iPhone, not only that I am eager to protect the phone from scratches with BodyGuardz protector, I am also dolling up the phone pretty  with artful cases. I picked the ‘Guardian Angel’ design, because it has a special meaning. See,…

BodyGuardz Ultra Tough Screen Protector for iPhone 5 | Product Review

This is my first iPhone, undoubtedly it is still very underutilized (that’s why I fail to understand the husband’s complaint about needing to charge the phone nearly everyday, that never happen to me!), but it’s a very sleek and cute phone with very familiar operating system! I want to protect my phone, and not just with any cheap screen protector,…