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Herbalife Journey – Personalized Protein Powder to Curb with the Hunger Pangs

So, I have been replacing 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) with the Formula 1 shake for a few weeks now, and I think they are working fine. I don’t think I have lost noticeable weight yet, but it really has to do with my nearly zero physical activities. I know I am not gaining more weight though, and the clothes…

Breakfast of Nostalgia | Sandwich that Mum Used to Make

When we were in Primary School, mum used to make pork filling sandwich for my sister and I, as breakfast. It was one my favorite breakfasts, but we weren’t allowed to have it regularly. ‘Very heaty’, mum warned. True enough, we were¬†susceptible¬†to sore throat when we had too much fried, roasted, and toasted food. We had a double sandwich plate…