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Milcolla Collagen Powder

Yeah, as if the external beauty care wasn’t enough, I am working the beauty enhancement inside out! I am taking the Milcolla collagen powder for several reasons. I had previously tried taking Meiji collagen powder, and it upset my reflux – but back then, my reflux problem was really intense, so many things can trigger an ugly episode. Milcolla Collagen…

MIZON ACENCE Derma Clearing Toner

I am not kidding when I said I LOVE Mizon products. I would spend hundreds on products that work, but unfortunately, the high prices that we pay for super brands really go into the marketing efforts. Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t mind paying extra many dollars if the products work; but it’s not always the case. (I swear…

Innisfree Anti-Trouble Spot Essence W & R | Product Review

Remember I blogged about my troubled skin after using the collagen red wine mask? I found a pack of free sample of Innisfree R essence that came with my previous purchase, so I tried dabbing some on the massive breakouts. It seemed to help with soothing the breakout, so the next logical thing to do is to order more! I…