Perfectly Imperfect

The goal is not to be perfect; the goal is to be accepted for the imperfections.

Tag: eye shadows

Cosmetic Pouch

[BIGGEST EVER $20 COUPON*!] SG 1 ROYAL JELLY♥ BOOST 3X RESULTS!♥ 35-DAYS UPSIZE♥ Made In AustraliaLIST.QOO10.SG I like pouches, I refrain from using ‘love’ since I know serious people who seriously LOVE pouches! I pale in comparison. That said, it is undoubtably that I have a compulsive disorder in keeping things organized and in orderly manner. I love huge bags,…

ELF Makeup Brushes

I adore the idea of using proper brushes for makeup, it feels so ‘professional’. The truth is, unless I am attending a formal event (which hasn’t happen for…ever), it can sometimes be too ‘heavy’ and ‘precise’ to use brushes for eye-shadows and lip color. I work very well with using finger to apply colors on eye lids; but I still use…