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The goal is not to be perfect; the goal is to be accepted for the imperfections.

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SoyJoy Nutrition Bar

[BIGGEST EVER $20 COUPON*!] SG 1 ROYAL JELLY♥ BOOST 3X RESULTS!♥ 35-DAYS UPSIZE♥ Made In AustraliaLIST.QOO10.SG I am peaking on the ‘busiest’ timetable. I am back to school (Yay!!), and I am readying myself with nutrition bars as dinner (boo!), or quick bites in between forgotten meals. Favorite flavor I love SoyJoy the first time I tasted it. I had…

My Herbalife Formula 1 Milk Shake | How-to

As mentioned in the earlier post (you want to read that to see the astounding price and sizes comparison), I am incorporating Herbalife formula 1 shake mix into my weight management regime. I have been replacing breakfast and lunch with the shake for a week now – minus Saturday, since it’s soup day, so I only replace breakfast with the…

Herbalife Products

So, mum was persuaded to pay for a membership fee in order to buy Herbalife products at member’s price. This was many months ago. As usual, I have been busy, and I really didn’t want to get involved in this sort of distributorship business and shopping – bad experience of being harassed by distributors. Anyway, I didn’t try the product(s) until slightly…