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SKIN79 Sun Protect Beblesh PACT BB Pact SPF 30

I have been using MAC select sheer pressed powder, but I thought of giving the Korean brands a go, since most of the Korean skin care products agree with  my skin. My current favorite BB cream is Skin79 hot pink mixed with Mizon Snail BB cream – I know it’s a little crazy, but it gives me the best fit-to-my-skintone…

Peripera Peris Jelly

From skin care products, I am shifting the gravity of obsession interest to cosmetic. It’s understandable. I love makeup, I always have. ‘Painting’ in precision has always been something that I enjoy immensely; anything that requires complete focus is something I like doing. Being single has its advantages. I have more time now (not exactly true to bits, since I…

See the Good, even in the Worst

Minutes passed. He broke the silence by explaining why he was being defensive earlier. I assured him that I bore no grudge and I understood. Passengers can be very difficult; people can be difficult and unreasonable. People blame people when things go wrong.

It is sad to observe that people are quick to criticize, doubt, judge and choose to deny good. When different things happen in our life, they teach us something new; when same things happen in our life, they are reminders that we ought not ignore.

When we throw a good shout out, it echoes back. Echoes are in multiplicity.

Skin Watchers Snail Cream and Gel

I purchased and reviewed the Skin Watchers Papaya Moisture Peel; I absolutely love it! It is no secret that I tend to try out as many products of the same brand after trying (and liking) one of them. Today, I am reviewing another snail cream and gel – Skin Watchers Snail Cream and Gel Skin Watchers Snail Cream Skin Watchers Snail Cream…

Laneige Multi-Cleanser Review

So, I mentioned in earlier post that I will be doing the Laneige Multi-Cleanser Review once I use it for over a reasonable period of time. Well, although I haven’t used for weeks, but 5 days are quite enough to know if it may trigger crazy adverse reaction of the skin. The Missy’s Say: [Scent] Floral scent, very subtle. [Texture]…

Missha Style Perfect Concealer | Product Review

I like the Skinfood Salmon concealer, but I do need a little more coverage for skin imperfections too. Product Name: MISSHA – The Style Perfect Concealer Description:  Long Lasting Concealer Corrects the under eye circles and discolorates with a nattural matte finish. Volume 3.0g Color 01_Light Beige 02_Natural Beige To Use After applying a Foundation, apply proper amount slightly on acne scars,…