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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

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Once in a while, logic is put at the back burner, and emotions take over resulting in the overwhelmingly deep sense of loneliness deriving from a collision of rational reasoning and engulfing emotions. An overdrive of emotions yet leaving a sense of emptiness.

The dichotomy of emotions and rationality works like a switch, and there is also an emergency trip switch. Overwhelming and confusing emotions set off anxiety, and anxiety trips the emergency switch to high rational mode. In order to maintain functionality, we talk facts and logic, which can be unacceptable. Imagine this, when someone in your life dies, the only thing you could do was to talk about normality of life cycle – birth and death. It’s a way to explain the particular event – death – to make sense of what is happening; but it would be considered as highly insensitive and inappropriate. Our difference in coping methods divides us in times like this. There should be no right or wrong way to cope, yet our response would be considered offending.

Social Scripts and Anxiety Management

In one of the lectures, the lecturer talked about ‘Social Scripts’. My face said it all, she said, ‘Lis doesn’t know what is social scripts’. Apparently, most of us didn’t know! We must have missed that part of the other module, taught by the same lecturer. It turned out, I just didn’t know the term ‘Social Scripts’, but I am…

One Life. Live Passionately!

Love is when the special someone told you that he loved your voice and felt happy just to listen to you. For some of you, you are married to this person who said those words to you, and years gone by, he/she still loves to hear you talk. When all the busy phases in life die down, there is just you and that someone, having all the time in the world to still continue a never-ending conversation.

Dream Dictionary | Book Recommendation

I dream every night or every time I sleep; except for 2 naps in my life. Dreams are part of my life. There was a period of my life that I experienced marathon of recurring dreams over a span of more than 15 years. Recurring dreams are usually related to unresolved business. It was dreadful, because I dreamt of heart-wrenching…