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The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

With aging skin, comes earnest search for non-drying cleansing products. I was using Laneige multi-cleanser, it’s wonderful for quick cleanse and leaves your skin squeaky clean. The downside is that, it may be a tad too harsh in stripping the natural oils in our skin. It’s probably great for youthful skin that is leaning to the oily skin type. It’s…

Leaders InSolution Masks | Product Review

So I read many rave reviews about Leaders InSolution sheet masks, and I have to try these good stuffs. The fact is that, after my unfortunate adverse skin reaction towards the Crystal Collagen Mask, I skipped right into the panic spiral of finding remedy! I found some forgotten Etude House aloe maskĀ in the fridge, and smack it on the sorry…