Quirky Missy

The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

The Missy

I am the Quirky Missy, not much to look at, but I have lots to talk about.

This blog is appropriately titled ‘Quirky Missy’ because I have loads of quirks – some known to me; mostly unknown to me but known to others. I have this thing called Asperger’s Syndrome. Oh well, it has been removed from DSM-5 in 2013, but ICD-10 still acknowledges its distinction from Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I am neither proud nor ashamed of the diagnosis; it is what it is, and I advocate to educate the public about childhood disorders, psychological and mental disorders.

One of my obsessions is online shopping and beauty products. I dress horribly out of fashion, but I love make up. There is just something elegant and delicate about brushes and colours, don’t you think?

Like I said, I am not much to look at, but Simple Arts Planet, aka saplanet originals is actually the brainchild of this Quirky Missy. I design and make amigurumi crafts for sale. It has been a perfect job for me, because I get to work for me and myself (one of the key challenges for people with Asperger’s or on Autism Spectrum, as working with people can be tremendously stressful and overwhelming). I take pride in the things I do.

I am also studying full-time for Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and have moved to Perth since beginning of 2015 to pursue this passion. That is one step close to advocate more efficiently to heighten public awareness on difficult topics such as depression, childhood disorder, support for invisible handicap etc.

I aspire to retire young, preferably very soon, like anytime now!

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